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Foil development for windsurfing/ & kitesurfing
Grain mill for food
Travel bags

power xt

Duotone PowerXT 2.0

The Duotone PowerXT2.0 has become its own brand in windsurfing. Every ambitious windsurfer knows this product. It is the only mast extension that allows you to set up sails with minimal effort and adjust the trim on the water.

Mainly because of this product Duotone has the image of the most technically advanced windsurfing brand worldwide.

UB.TECH has developed the product from the idea to the production stage in close cooperation with the Duo-tone team and the production company CTM.


Duotone Windsurfing Booms

In windsurfing, the Duotone booms are the most popular and most sold, whether in carbon or alumnium. Numerous tests and opinions from professionals confirm this.

UB.TECH has the bend curves and all attachments from the idea to the production stage in close cooperation with the Duotone team. In doing so, the focus was always on the simplest operability, minimum weight and maximum stiffness.


Vaude Sleeping Pad Valve

A good valve is essential for a sleeping pad. The valve should be flat so that it does not interfere with sleep, self-explanatory to use and, above all, tight.

After an intensive innovation process, it was possible to design a very simple, very cheap (slide-free) valve for Vaude. The entire sales team was enthusiastic about the first contact with the customers at the ISPO trade fair, since operation is completely without instructions (unlike the previous valve), and is safe and intuitive.

Vaude Logo 01


Casco Helmet Fastener

Almost all sports helmets can be locked with a small ordinary buckle. Thereby it happens again and again, that you pinch your skin at the neck and also the opening with gloves is difficult.

Casco International GmbH wanted to go its own way as a premium manufacturer and eliminate these weaknesses. UB.TECH developed a new type of closure, the CASCO-Loc, which makes it impossible to pinch the skin. In addition, releasing the closure is very easy by simply pulling on an opening strap.

logo dark

snaplock b

Backpack buckle Snaplock Salewa

With the backpack buckle Snaplock a real standard is attacked. For years all back-pack manufacturers have been improving carrying comfort, weight and appearance. Only with the buckles nothing has changed so far. UB.TECH has developed the Snaplock buckle and thus gives SALEWA backpacks a noticeable innovation boost.

salewa logo

ifront b

UB.TECH: Winner of the reddot design award

The reddot design award was mainly awarded for two reasons:

UB.TECH has created new innovations from a seemingly finished product, which can be felt by every user.

UB.TECH has chosen a design language that is functional and stands out from existing products.

Boom iFront for North Sails

For years there have been no innovations in windsurfing in the area of boom.

North Sails has commissioned UB.TECH to develop meaningful and noticeable innovations. As a result, the boom front piece iFront was created, which sets new standards in functionality, performance and design.

iFront was invented, designed and developed by UB.TECH until it was ready for series production. The resulting patent rights were assigned to North Sails.

north sails logo


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