We provide fresh ideas for a new or optimised product as well as the engineering services required up to series production, in addition to the necessary documentation.


Who are your end-users? What do they want? What is the competition doing?

Our greatest strength. We find innovations, improvements for your product range - every time!

Investigation of technical feasibility, costs and affordability, advantages over existing products, consumer acceptance, market penetration.

Simple, inexpensive production of a working prototype that demonstrates the most important technical functions.

Search of the technical field and the innovation at the European Patent Office, with the aim of obtaining property rights for your new product.

2D / 3D CAD of the new product.

Production of prototypes that are a closer approximation to the series product. You are given a realistic idea about the final product, while the prototype enables us to make initial quality control checks.

We test the prototypes extensively to see if any weak points still need to be eliminated. We have the prototypes tested by external users who have not been involved in the development project too.

We support you up to and during
series production as well as in tool manufacturing. This comprehensive project support makes sure your product has the necessary
high quality.