Prototype test
combination of theory and practice

We test the prototypes extensively and investigate them thoroughly to identify any weak points. We have the prototypes tested by external users who have not been involved in the development project too.

Extreme conditions, possible operating faults and simple practical use are tested and the findings are integrated in the data records for the last time.

It was not unfortunately possible to try the sintered mast foot out in the water, because the sintering material is not suitable for this. The practical test on the water was carried out with a prototype made from a different material (POM). The test was completely successful. The new system for simple trimming and adjustment of sail tension on the water proved to be extremely practical and functional.

We had a 16-year-old girl trim a 7 m&Mac178; racing sail as a test. In spite of trimming aids, she did not by a long way have enough strength to do this; with the prototype of the Power.XT, she had no trouble at all trimming the sail.