Market analysis
who are your end-users?
What do they want?
What is the competition doing?

It is very important for us to make a detailed analysis of your market environment at the beginning of a project, so that we can find a suitable innovation. The better we know the end-users and the competition, the more appropriate the innovation.

Windsurfing - a fascinating sport that has, however, been suffering a decline in sales for years now. Even though the leisure market in general is booming. There are many reasons for this. One of them is the fact that windsurfing faces tough competition from other fun sports, such as snowboarding, kitesurfing, mountain biking. Another reason is that windsurfing is still complicated and inconvenient. Windsurfing sails are a major weakness: it takes tremendous effort to trim them. Women or teenagers generally find this impossible without help. End-users do, however, expect more than ever before that everything can be done simply and quickly.

The products marketed by the individual brands in this field differ mainly in their colour and design. For a long time now, there have not been any major innovations that have offered end-users obvious benefits. The market leader North Sails, which is copied by low-cost suppliers in many areas and for which radical innovations would represent a considerable competitive edge, recognised this problem too.

A windsurfing innovation that has substantial advantages and is affordable would be extremely valuable to North Sails and the sport as a whole.