Feasibility study
investigation of technical feasibility, costs and affordability, advantages over existing products, consumer acceptance, market penetration.

A good idea is vital, but does it work in practice too and can the end-user afford to buy it? These questions have to be answered before the project is continued in detail. The risks and opportunities of the project become very clear once a thorough feasibility study has been completed. A decision about whether the project is continued to the series production stage can now be taken.

An initial assessment reveals that the technical input in production and thus the price for the end-user will only be slightly higher than the systems currently available.

A comparison of the advantages and disadvantages produces clear results. The mast foot is an attractive product for all surfers, no matter how skilled they are:

• Beginners can trim their sail simply and
• Experts can adjust their sail promptly to
changes in the strength of the wind while they
are out on the water by altering the sail tension.

There are no disadvantages by comparison with existing systems.

The advantages are huge and will appeal to any surfer. The product has the potential not merely to penetrate the market but also to replace the systems currently available. The image of the North Sails brand is in addition improved considerably by this innovation.